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A support site with your FAQs and knowledge base.

It's beautiful, mobile-friendly, and searchable so your customers can find answers fast.

A smart contact form that auto-suggests articles as someone types their message.

Users get their questions answered faster and support agents save time.

A super easy-to-use admin interface to create knowledge base articles with ease.

Populate your help site with answers to common questions and other helpful information. Our hosted knowledge base software takes care of the rest.

A lightning-fast search box that works like magic to find relevant helpful articles for your users.

Customizable features to make your support site feel like your own.

Even our free plan includes a custom domain option, so your site can live at Customize the layout with HTML/CSS to match your company's brand.

Easy workflow alongside any ticket management support software.

Our contact form simply sends an email, so you can use, Zendesk, Groove, etc. – or just respond to your users from Gmail or wherever you do email now.

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